A sophisticated set of software tools for facial recognition and behaviour analysis using video data collected and processed in real time.
  • The most precise & efficient data processing algorithms
  • Easily customizable solutions for any business
  • Real-time video stream analysis
  • Recognition of any actions down to the smalles
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    Unique software based on selflearning algorithms that can analyze video content precisely, reliably, and in real time without using outside sources. The technology uses specially designed neural networks

    We use simple IP video cameras. All video formats are supported. The technology uses standard equipment; even small microcontrollers can be used.

    Data collection, processing, and secure storage; continuous export of events to existing ERP systems.

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    UBPS is a universal biometric system that will allow access to money on your bank account without using NFC, bank cards or login and password. Login and password for access is the person himself, or rather his biometric image.

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